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Rubbermaid: Automated Leak Testing


During my summer at Rubbermaid I automated the leak test for their food storage containers, so that the test could be standardized, multiple tests could run at once, and the technicians were not required to be physically present for the test. My apparatus uses 

powerful magnets to mount the food storage containers (of varying sizes). The apparatus then rotates the water-filled containers and counts the number of drops that leak out of each side of the container and reports that information back to design engineering.

Hard Skills
Soft Skills

This project required me to use knowledge from machine design, electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering to design a solution that ultimately reduced the time of the test by 50%. This project was 100% my own to manage and complete, which was simultaneously exciting and intimidating, but I was able to leverage the help of several of my full-time counterparts and complete my final deliverable. Overall, a very empowering experience that led me to study mechatronics at Stanford!


Arduino Coding

Perfboard Layout



3D Printing


IR Sensors

Project management

Independent work

Hands-on learning

Communication with superiors

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