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MIT: Polaroid Camera Yo-Yo


As part of the Special Student Program at MIT, I took Design & Manufacturing II. In this course, my team designed and created yo-yos using CNC mills and the thermoforming and injection molding processes. We decided to make a Polaroid-themed yo-yo that was modeled after an early Instagram logo. My specific contributions to the team were creating tool paths for the body piece, injection molding all of our pieces (and press fitting in our magnets), collaborating on the overall design, and cutting the thermoformed pieces down to size.

Hard Skills
Soft Skills

Overall, my MIT experience exposed me to a new campus culture, a different perspective on undergraduate engineering education, and a diverse group of peers to learn from. This class was my favorite experience from my semester. It was a whirlwind of exposure to different manufacturing processes: injection molding, CNC machining, thermoforming, punching, and SLA printing dies that inspired me to pursue manufacturing as a central part of my graduate program.

3D Printing 


CNC Milling 




Injection Molding




CAD: Fusion 360

Teamwork & communication

Learning in a new environment

Capturing ideas with sketches

Thinking through toolpaths

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