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Penn State Triathlon Club


Excited to combine my love of running and swimming with biking, I joined Penn State’s triathlon club my sophomore year of college. Unfortunately, the club was struggling to retain members and by the end of the year, it was clear that only 10 people would return. With no obvious leader for next year, the current president asked me to step up. I set to work immediately, doing research on what made other teams successful and applying what I learned from my own team experiences.

Hard Skills
Soft Skills

I set about making the club a fun space for anyone interested in the sport by organizing social events like pasta dinners & karaoke nights, reviving our Florida spring break training trip, and removing many financial barriers for members. We worked within our community on volunteer projects and maintenance clinics. I watched excitedly as I saw a new group of students fall in love with the sport. It's been gratifying to see the new generation of leaders improving the club while still maintaining that culture of acceptance.

Budget Management

Raising Money

Trip Logistics

University Relations

Member Relations

Designing the Member Experience

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