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Data Sheet Interpretation

Embedded Systems Design

Event-Driven Programming

Servo Control

State Machine Design

Git Management

Mars Arcade Game (ME 218A)


Create an arcade game centered around survival on Mars. Requirements included marking the passage of time, displaying an indication of whether the team won or lost, and haptic feedback.


An arcade game that guides the user through harvesting crops on Mars by first having them water plants, adjust the sun's rays, and push a harvest button. The user's results displayed a happy or mad dancing potato.


The first project in 218 has been some form of arcade game since the early days of the class. Our class was no different; we were tasked with creating a Mars-themed game. Our final design was a The Martian (book)-inspired guide to planting potatoes. The user had to complete a variety of tasks to maintain the health of the potato and survive on Mars.

My Role

Ideator, mechanical designer and state machine writer for the water module.

Product Impact

A standalone arcade game that was functional, durable, and engaging.

Participated in the final showcase in Stanford's lobby with a successful game.

Key Learnings

Hardware-software integration, state machine design, soldering, assembly, git management, C


2 weeks, Nov 2019

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