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My Contributions

Jun - Aug 2017

Joulez fuses arts and crafts with electronics to get girls ages 8-12 interested in STEM. As a woman in STEM, the mission of Joulez immediately resonated with me. The opportunity to work on a project that I was passionate about while gaining experience in rapid prototyping (using 3D printing, laser cutters, soldering irons, Arduino, and graphic design software) was one that I couldn't resist! Throughout my 10 week experience, I helped write an NSF

SBIR grant, learned about start-ups through MassChallenge's curriculum, built my technical skills in the shop, created graphic designs, and worked with industrial designers, electrical engineers, and the CEO of the company to make Joulez's first product's alpha and beta prototypes. I wore many hats throughout my experience and developed a passion for solving open-ended problems and designing products that have a larger social impact.


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