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Hydra-Cycle: A Hydration Companion


Using the fabrication methods provided by the Stanford student shop (the PRL), design and manufacture a product designed for you or someone else in your life.


A series of silicone-molded parts that allowed my mom to set up her own hydration system that didn't require her to reach for her water bottle while cycling.


The inspiration for Hydra Cycle came from my mom’s difficulty picking up her water bottle while maintaining her balance on a bike. The objective of this project was to create a system that would allow her to drink from her water bottle conveniently without carrying any extra weight or falling off balance. Hydra Cycle is a hands-free solution that enables her to keep up with the rest of the family and stay more hydrated and happier on the ride.

This project was my first exposure to silicone molding, which was incredibly fun and an interesting design challenge. By picking a flexibly-scoped project I was able to constantly experiment and adapt my process as I moved from 3D-printed, low-surface quality pieces to my final machined mold. With time to spare at the end, I was able to create a whole additional mold to complete my whole system.

My Role

Designer, manufacturer.

Product Impact

A silicone-cast piece that fit over a water bottle and allowed a camelbak straw to pass through it.

My magnifying glass and Product Realization Lab plaque, which stands on a welded and bead-blasted base. These small projects also incorporate sanding, milling, turning, and polishing.


Completion of a whole design, manufacturing, iteration cycle.

Key Learnings

Scoping projects, silicone casting, 3D printing, milling & turning, consumer product design


6 weeks, Oct - Nov 2019

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